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End of Life Planner [25 pages]

End of Life Planner [25 pages]

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Printable End of Life Planner – a practical and essential tool to ensure peace of mind and preparedness during life's most challenging moments. With 25 meticulously designed pages, this planner offers a comprehensive framework for organizing vital information and finalizing important details, whether for yourself or a loved one.

Why is it important to use this planner? In times of crisis or loss, having a well-organized and documented plan can alleviate stress and uncertainty for you and your family. By taking the time to fill out this planner, you can ensure that your wishes are honored, your loved ones are supported, and important details are easily accessible when they are needed most.

It includes 25 pages total:

  • cover
  • personal messages
  • online accounts
  • social media accounts
  • device passwords
  • family contacts
  • personal contacts
  • professional contacts
  • bank accounts
  • investment accounts
  • subscriptions
  • recurring bills
  • monthly bills
  • insurance information
  • pension details
  • retirement accounts
  • location of files
  • life insurance
  • health insurance
  • medical history
  • important possessions
  • final wishes
  • funeral arrangements
  • notes

Personal Messages: Express your final thoughts, wishes, and sentiments through heartfelt personal messages. Provide comfort and guidance to loved ones during a difficult time with words of love, gratitude, and wisdom.

Digital Assets and Accounts: Safeguard your online legacy by documenting crucial information about online accounts, social media profiles, and device passwords. Ensure that your digital presence is managed according to your wishes, offering peace of mind to both you and your loved ones.

Contact Information: Compile a comprehensive list of family, personal, and professional contacts to facilitate communication and support during end-of-life arrangements. Ensure that your loved ones have access to essential contacts when they need it most.

Financial Affairs: Organize financial affairs with sections dedicated to bank accounts, investment accounts, subscriptions, recurring bills, and monthly expenses. Provide clarity and direction regarding financial matters, easing the burden on your family during a challenging time.

Insurance and Pension Details: Document essential information about insurance policies, pension accounts, and retirement plans. Ensure that your loved ones have access to vital financial resources and benefits following your passing.

Medical and Health Records: Record important medical history, health insurance details, and medication information to facilitate medical care and decision-making. Empower your loved ones with the knowledge they need to advocate for your health and well-being.

Final Wishes and Funeral Arrangements: Outline your final wishes, including funeral preferences, burial or cremation arrangements, and memorial service details. Provide clear guidance to your loved ones, ensuring that your wishes are honored with respect and dignity.

Our Printable End of Life Planner is more than just a document – it's a gift of preparedness and peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. By taking the time to organize and document essential information, you can alleviate stress and uncertainty during life's most challenging moments. Whether completing the planner for yourself or assisting a loved one, this invaluable resource empowers you to navigate end-of-life arrangements with grace, dignity, and clarity.


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I love everything Addi creates. This end of life planner was very helpful as we began working on my parents wills and health proxies. Thank you Addi!


Such a nice planner to keep everything together for your loved ones. I gave this to my mom so I can be sure to know all her wishes.

Tracey Cotillard
Planned til the end

Perfect, let your loved ones know

Amie Baumher
End of Life

This is an easy to use tooi. It is very helpful for planning something that can be stressful

one of a kind download

never thought to have this kind of planner but it really put everything in order not just for me but for my family when I passed away. thank you! you really think ahead of time