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School Planning Kit

School Planning Kit

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Parents, are you ready to conquer the school year with confidence and organization? Our School Planning Kit is here to transform your school journey into a seamless and productive experience. Packed with essential tools to keep track of school life, homework, schedules, and extracurricular activities, this kit is a game-changer for all parents of school-aged children.

School Planning Kit includes:

School Information Sheet: Start the year right with our comprehensive School Information Sheet. Keep all the essential contact details, class schedules, and teacher information in one place for quick access whenever you need it.

Homework Tracker: Say goodbye to forgotten assignments and missed deadlines. Our Homework Tracker empowers you to manage tasks effectively, ensuring that every assignment is completed on time and to the best of your abilities. This is perfect to put on your fridge or in a place that is easily accessible for parents and children to see.

School Schedule: Stay on top of classes and where your child is throughout the school day.

Activities Calendar: From sports practices to club meetings and social events, our Activities Calendar helps you balance school and extracurricular commitments effortlessly. Say hello to a well-rounded and fulfilling student experience.

From homework management to schedule balancing, our kit equips parents with the tools they need to stay on track and organize all the school details in one spot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I really loved what I received. The quality was outstanding and I enjoyed it.

Kassi Manning
Great printables!

I love this shop, it is my go-to for printables! Thank you!

Meagan Richard
So cute and effiecent!

I'm creating a care package for the kiddos in my life and this was perfect to get the school year started!

Jodie Mauss-Guzik
So helpful!

I have older children but the back to school packs help, even for the college kids!