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Gift Tracker Spreadsheet

Gift Tracker Spreadsheet

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Get ready to take the stress out of holiday shopping with our comprehensive Gift Tracking Spreadsheet. Designed to help you plan ahead, stay organized, and stick to your budget, this easy-to-use spreadsheet is the perfect tool for managing all your gift-giving needs.

Here's what's included in our Gift Tracking Spreadsheet:

Instructions Tab: Start off on the right foot with our detailed instructions tab. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to use each part of the spreadsheet, making setup a breeze.

Example Tab: See how it all works with our example tab. Get inspired by a fully populated gift tracker that demonstrates how to organize your gift-giving plans effectively.

Gift Tracker Tab: The heart of the spreadsheet, our gift tracker tab, lets you keep track of all your gift ideas, recipients, budgets, and purchase statuses. Never forget a gift or overspend again!


Key Features:

  • Recipient List: Keep track of everyone you plan to gift, from family and friends to colleagues and neighbors.
  • Gift Ideas: Jot down gift ideas as they come to you, so you're never short of inspiration.
  • Budgeting: Set a budget for each recipient and track your spending to stay within your limits.
  • Purchase Status: Mark gifts as purchased, wrapped, and delivered to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


With its user-friendly design and powerful features, our Gift Tracking Spreadsheet on Google Drive is the ultimate tool for hassle-free holiday planning. Stay organized, save money, and enjoy the holiday season without the usual stress.

Download your copy today and make this holiday your most organized and budget-friendly yet!


*These are made in Google Sheets so you need to have Google Drive to access the spreadsheets. 

*Instant digital access (nothing will be shipped to you).

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Customer Reviews

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Shelley McNeely
Gift Tracker is wonderful

I am adding this to my notebook to keep track of gifts for B-days:)

Joyce Mullis
Christmas tracker

This list has really come in handy to keep track what I have bought and stored away somewhere. so I don't forget about them when Christmas comes.